Houston & Sons Ltd


For Domestic Scrap

We want all types and quantities of scrap metal. Everything has a value, so just bring it down to the yard with a form of identification and we will pay top prices. If you can't bring it down yourself then we can arrange for our pick-up to collect it from your location.

For Manufacturing Scrap

We currently provide numerous skips and collection services for local engineering and manufacturing firms, helping them to dispose of their waste in the most efficient way possible. We pay premium rates for clean, uniform scrap and have the ability to provide regular collections via skips or pick-up truck in order to keep your working environment as waste free as possible.

Another service that we provide for companies are industrial clearances. We can provide various containers and vehicles to dispose of your scrap, and if necessary develop a Total Waste Management scheme.

For Merchant Scrap

We offer a fast, efficient collection with very competitive prices and a choice of payment terms. We have the modern equipment needed to process large amounts of scrap, meaning that no volume is too great. We will also out-turn mixed loads and provide you with specific weights and prices of each different material.

Metal Classification

Our Niton metal analyser allows us to quickly and accurately classify and sort special metals, allowing us to analyse a sample and quote a price immediately. This also means that we have the ability to out-turn complex loads and provide you with a complete breakdown of the quantities of materials and their prices.

Steel Sales

We offer a range of box section, flat bar, angle iron and RSJ's. All of our new steel can be cut to size, and no matter how little or how much you require, all of our prices are very competitive. We also stock re-usable steel, which is priced accordingly. Local delivery of lengths up to 3m is available for a small delivery fee.

Skip Hire

We offer a comprehensive range of skips for both domestic and commercial scrap metal. For more information see our Skip Hire page.


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