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W.E.E.E Directive

The WEEE directive is aimed at encouraging firms to reuse and recycle as much of their electronic materials as possible, therefore minimising the negative effects of disposal by landfill. The Directive states that 65% of IT equipment must be recycled, and materials such as monitors (CRT's), LCD displays, printed circuit boards (PCB's) and flame retardant plastics should be pre-treated before disposal. The service we offer includes collection of your companies W.E.E.E, and can meet all of the directives requirements at a competitive price.

End of Life Vehicles (ELV's)

Vehicle owners are responsible for ensuring that their End of Life Vehicles are disposed of in accordance with the 2003 ELV Directive. ELV's must only be recycled at a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) so that the trained staff can process them according to the official guidelines in order to produce minimum waste and without causing any harm to the environment. During the de-pollution process we remove the wheels, batteries and all operational fluids, most of which are then either re-used or recycled.

In order to dispose of your ELV, all you need to bring is your logbook and a proof of address. We have a direct link with the DVLA meaning that you fill out one simple form and the car is then our responsibility. After completing the de-pollution process, we post a Certificate of Destruction to the owner as proof that the car has been recycled.

Health & Safety

All Houston's employees are qualified in health and safety issues, and health and safety training is a regular and ongoing practice.

We regularly review our health and safety performance and procedures in order to make our yard as safe as possible for everyone, staff and customers.

Hazardous Waste

Our premises are also licensed to accept and purchase certain forms of hazardous waste arising from the ELV and W.E.E.E directives, i.e; lead acid batteries and CRT's (computer monitor and old televisions).


  • Member of the BMRA
  • DVLA Authorised Treatment Facility
  • Waste Carriers Licence
  • Waste Management Licence
  • Member of Car Take Back Scheme


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